Arduino (Fibaro Wall plug)

  • Hello,

    I'm new into domotica and openhab.
    I've searched the internet and seen this great site.
    I'm searching for a way to control but more monitor my energie usage.
    There are a lot of examples but most of them read the main meter.

    I want to have readings of every individual device, so i can compare or notice what the great users are or when a device is faulty or breaking down.


    So i came on the home plug of fibaro, it's small and does the job, but they are pretty expensive.

    The strange part is that no body has done a teared down or made a working clone of it...
    And i can't seem to find arduino projects small enough or projects wich don't use ac clamps.

    Is the someone who can make a arduino (fibaro wall plug) or arduino consumption meter to connect every indiviual device??

  • Admin

    Hi and welcome. Please to not cross-post.

  • Sorry didn't know this.

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