How to connect two BH1750 digital light sensor?

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    Hi, all
    I want to read data from two BH1750 sensors at the same time. I connected ADDR pin to VCC for first sensor and didn't connect ADDR pin to second sensor. I2C scanner shows sensors connected to 0x23 and 0x5C respectively.
    I tried to use this LIB by Genotronex, and it's work, but the values prints in int type. So i tried this LIB by Claws, because data reads in float type and wrote a sketch, but my arduino reads data only from 0x23 address and lux1/lux2 has the same values.
    Also, I tried to change calculation method in Genotronex lib, but to no avail.
    I will be glad to any suggestions. Many thanks.

  • @Eilleesy I suggest you post your code and any error messages you get. A link to the library you want to use might also be useful.

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