SerialGateway Standalone not working

  • I have tried everyhting i could think of and could find here on the forum.

    I have 2 Arduino pro mini's 3.3v.

    The first acts as a Motion Sensor with the HC-SR501 sensor connected as shown on the site here. Also used the standard example code. Only changed it to use a static radioId --> gw.begin(45); The arduino is connected with a FTDI cable to my macbook.

    The second arduino has the SerialGateway sketch uploaded and is connected to my Raspberry PI with another FTDI cable.

    The serial monitor on the sensor arduino outputs:
    Started sensor.
    Open ping reading pipe: 45
    Tx: fr=45,to=255,la=45,ne=255,ci=255,mt=4,ty=9,cr=15:
    No relay nodes was found. Trying again in 10 seconds.

    The serial monitor on the SerialGateway arduino outputs:
    0;0;4;11;Arduino startup complete.

    I'm using the same NRF24L01+ transceiver as in the example on the this page.

    I think my problem lies is the SerialGateway arduino. The things I have tried so far:

    • use different radioID on sensor arduino
    • used standard ping examples for RF24. (that works).
    • Tried to activate debug mode on the SerialGateway via these instructions (Serial output still the same as above, no extra info showing up)
    • Tried using an Arduino Uno for the SerialGateway sketch (same serial problems)
    • Used other (but same type) hardware transceivers just to make sure it's not a defect hardware component
    • sending a serial command to the SerialGateway 0;0;4;4; (I get the response 0;0;4;4;1.3b3 (67f4ca1) )
    • Tried lowering RF24_PA_LEVEL & RF24_DATARATE in all possible combinations (same problem)
    • tried change RF24_CHANNEL (same problem)

    I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I should also get more detail when enabling debug mode, but for some reason my setup is not working.

    Does anybody have any suggestions why my Motion Sensor is not connecting to my SerialGateway or why I cannot get debug mode enabled?

  • Are you using serial gateway sketch, and example sketch in the same version?

  • Yes. I have installed the libraries and examples according to the tutorial on the site.

  • Admin

    You seem to have done some extensive testing. Especially if you get the RF24 ping examples working.

    Enabling debug mode on gateway will show more information when an actual radio message is picked up.. So it could be working (but does nor receive anything).

    Could you perhaps try the 1.4 development branch?

  • @Hek I was already starting with some tests with the 1.4 development branch.

    Just finishing my initial tests. Don't know why, but the development branch is working perfect!

  • Admin


    Both the development branch and the ping-examples uses shockburst mode of the NRF24l01.

  • Then it looks like that did the trick for me.


  • @hek is it possible to use shockburst mode in the master branche with some kind of config setting?

  • Admin


    It might be, but why?

  • So i can use the master branche instead of the development.

  • @warawara , the development branch is very stable. At this point there is no reason not to use it. It is superior in every way to 1.3.

  • Mod

    @Bandra well, the protocol still changes every now and then, so be prepared to update your sensors and gateway when updating the library!

  • @Yveaux
    True. The library is changing constantly (for the better!).

    I've not encountered any major bugs in the 1.4 beta libraries that I've tried. So if the OP was just starting out then there's value in pulling down the latest 1.4 (which should be quite stable) and starting their sketches from there. Once 1.4 goes to production, then upgrading sketches will be much easier from 1.4b -> 1.4 than from 1.3 -> 1.4.

  • I'm aware of the superiority of 1.4. Because I just started with building my custom controller I will go with the development branch for now. I really like the new protocol so far.

    I'm using very basic arduino sketches at the moment. The only thing I'm worried about is my custom controller that I'm building in Node-Red. Hopefully the feature changes will not have to much impact on that part.

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