8Bit or 32Bit processors

  • A number of people have ask me about why I'm using 32bit processors when an 8bit will do. Well its simple, for small development projects of less that a few hundreds unit, the larger flash, larger ram, faster CPU, lower power devices, and cheaper raw devices, allow for faster code development... no time wasted on how to save flash or ram space.. seldom having to concern myself about CPU speed.

    If I'm doing a project that requires very large volume, or special needs, I will again consider an 8 or 16bit processor, but again, these days often the 32bit devices are cheaper and more functional.

    Below are a number of CPU boards with RFM69 or RFM95 Radios attach that can be used with MySensor.

    In MySensor space, for my projects, my favorite 32bit processor board is:
    RocketScream M0 ultra pro Ver2, RFM69 or RFM95 radio, battery connector/charger, USB port, EUI64 chip, large external flash, very low power, u.FL or SMA connector, great support...

    Other 32 Bit:
    Adafruit Feather LoRa M0, NO EUI64, No External flash, battery connector
    https://www.adafruit.com/product/3178 RFM95
    https://www.adafruit.com/product/3176 RFM69

    Non 32 bit processors:
    MoteinoMega LoRa, ATmega1284P, RFM69 or RFM95, EUI64 chip, large external flash, u.FL or SMA connector

    Moteino LoRa, ATmega328P, RFM69 or RFM95, large external flash, NO EUI64 chip

    Adafruit Feather LoRa, ATmega32U4 CPU, NO EUI64, No External flash, battery connector, RFM69 or RFM95

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    As always it's all a matter of choosing the right solution for every needs. If you need to have a battery powered sensors that is going to sleep 99.999% of the time with a 1-2 years battery life, you will look for the lowest standby drain power, while if you need processor power, ram, storage etc you need to look at the boards you mentioned 😀

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