Solar Powered Mini-Weather Station

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    @Salmoides said:

    Then I found this.


    It’s entitled “16 LED Solar Power Motion Sensor Security Lamp Outdoor Waterproof Light” ( that you can get for $9.00. I now had a $21 weather station ready to be built.

    Taking apart the lamp, I removed the LED panel (worth at least $2.00) and the control board (this has some good stuff on it like a PIR, a light sensor, and the battery charging circuitry, but its use is well beyond my skills), and put them away for another project.

    @Salmoides I mesure less than 1 V at the solar panel wires, which cannot power up the regulator for the arduino.

    Do you have the same mesure ?

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    @epierre said:

    @ mesure less than 1 V at the solar panel wires, which cannot power up the regulator for the arduino.

    Do you have the same mesure ?

    I have a couple of these units as well and just checked one. It's a cloudy day, but under a bright light it reported 4.3V at the solar panel wires. You might have a bad unit.


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    @5546dug I am using wire wrap as well (well, I am old...). The upside of wirewrap is that it does not require electricity, very zen like, you can't make fatal mistakes and you can rescue or replace an arduino without a reflow station. the downside is that there is a limit to the currents (its not bad, but don't try to wire 220v, 3A using wire wrap...), there is a limit to the amount of wires that go to the same post and at times it is slower than soldering (for someone who is practiced). it is very very good for prototyping.

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    @Sparkman strange for I tested again and this was good...

  • @Salmoides I have tried compiling this code you supplied in the thread prior to uploading to the promini, but it has an issue with the bmp180 code , it cannot read the sea level pressure. I see you set your altitude at 221 meters but I am not able to comprehend the error code on line 101.
    enclosed is the screen shot of the issue.
    I use ver 1.4 and lib 1.4

  • Screenshot (53).png
    So dumb of me to forget screenshot

  • just not sure where the readSealevelPressure(altitude) parameter is found
    I donot see it in the sketch and cannot find it in github

  • It's defined in the Adafruit_BMP085 library .cpp file. Did you include the library?

  • I used the supplied code from @Salmoides first reply in this thread.

  • Edit

    @Pieter-Jan-Stiers , I have tried various combinations of the " include " line in the setup for BMP085 sensor part and it will not compile.

    I tried adding the file Adafruit_BMP085_Unified-master.h but the sketch said no such file existed.
    However I did download and extract from github and put it in the file ....users/documents/arduino/libraries, I see it in the IDE but that is all
    see screen shot at the moment I have it commented out and sketch still does not find read SealevelPressure

    Any ideas? As I said I am using the sketch from the first post in this thread from @Salmoides

    Do I need to create in setup the line

    include <Adafruit_BMP085.cpp>

    Screenshot (56).png

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    Did you close & reopened Arduino IDE after you placed the new library?

  • Yes
    Is file placed is the right area?

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    You can also try it via the menu 'Sketch -> Import Library ... '

    Also make sure you are method readSeaLevelPressure is spelled exactly like it is defined in the .h file...

  • @rvendrame I seem to beat a loss as to what to do next
    I tried putting the file thru the >file import method and still I get error messages saying cant compile as above.
    When I include the unified file there are additional errors all above my paygrade.
    I have messed with the line readSealevelPressure<altitude> and the include lines but get nowhere.
    I think there is reference to this in original .cpp file but # including this is also errors.
    I have remane the files after saving and rebooted ide a few times luck.

    Any ideas or is the file from @Salmoides not compatable anymore?

  • here is a screen shot of the latest errScreenshot (57).png or code(s)

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    How is your 'Sketchbook location' defined? (in "preferences...") Looking into the error message, it looks you are mixing windows slash "\" and unix slash "/" ...

  • After consultation in the troubleshooting category, I downloaded afresh copy of Adafruit-BMP085-library into my arduino library overwriting what was there and now code compiles.
    So on to uploading the code to promini and see what the next issue might/will be.

  • @Salmoides Hi Salmoides,
    Great Project!!

    I had the sensors and was looking for a project like this!

    I got it to run on the breadboard, and sync with domoticz. and the plan is to power it out with some 18650 cells+solar panel, but i have some questions for you.

    1. aren't you using any resistors for the i2c sensors? or the dht22?
    2. how hare you connecting the battery? when fully charged it can go up to 4.2v i belive this whould burn some sensors.. are you connecting it to the arduino raw pin and feeding the sensors with the regulated 3.3v pin!?
    3. the potentiometer, are you using it only as a resistor? or are you regulating it?

    thanks for sharing, and here are some screenshots of my implementation.


  • I don't seem to be able to get the DHT22 working. I have stripped this project down to the following prototype, and am still not able to get the DHT22 to work. I'm using the DHT example (not MySensors) script and continue to get timeout errors for both Temp and Humidity. I have tried a 4.0k ohm, 10k omh and no resistor.

    DHT22 Solar_bb.png

    I am just wanting to know if I might be missing something, and to also verify that other people have got the DHT22 working with a Arduino Pro Mini 8mhs - 3.3 volt using its regulated vcc pin. I have ordered new DHT22 modules from a different source just to see what happens.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    One thing comes to mind is that DHT has 3.3v as minimum power.
    If you have a "weak" pro mini board delivere power below that maybe is a problem. Can you measure the power?

    I have a 3.3v pro mini running a DHT22 fine, so it should work - but I also know there is a big difference in different hardware even if its called pro mini.

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