Arduino Pro mini + RF 433 MHz as Gateway

  • Hi All,

    I wish to use Arduino Pro mini + 433 MHz Emitter + Receiver as a Gateway to communicate with Domoticz. The Nodes I wish to use are Arduino Pro mini + 433 Emit+Recv, the same as Gateway but with different software of course.
    I read on MySensors website that Gateway should be Arduino Nano + 2.4 GHz radio module but I would like to know if I can easily do it with Pro mini + 433 MHz radio.
    Can anyone told me if it's possible and help me to do it ?
    Many thanks in advance.

  • @lrtsenar

    The MySensors Libraries were designed around the nrf24l01 transceivers which have much more built in capability than a simple 433Mhz Tx/Rx pair. You can make a node which contains a nrf and 433 Rx/Tx and it can transfer messages between the MySensors architecture and common 433Mhz devices. If you are only interested in 433Mhz devices with Domoticz, see the RFLink project for more info. I believe it requires a mega to fit their libraries.

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