Porting MySensors to non-arduino platforms (like ARM mbed)

  • Hi everyone,

    I've just discovered MySensors a few weeks ago and I find it a very interesting project.
    As I like to understand it before trying to setup a MySensors network myself, I have been looking at the code on GitHub.

    ARM mbed is a programming environment aimed at enabling easy programming for embedded systems, just like Arduino, but with an approach closer to standard programming (use of actual main function and use of object oriented programming for managing I/O).

    My question is : do you think porting MySensors to the ARM mbed platform would be a good idea ?

    There are lot of dev boards like the STM32 Nucleo board or the TI TIVA Launchpad that can be programmed using ARM mbed but not with Arduino. As they can all be basically programmed with the same C programs (the device specific functions are managed in the mbed core), porting the project to the mbed platform would enable lots of dev board to be compatible with MySensors at once.


  • Mod

    @nono8223 I think it will be a good idea as long as there are people actively developing & supporting the platform now and in the future.
    Recently the Raspberry Pi port (or Linux, in general) has been updated and included in the core library, so MySensors is no longer Arduino-only.

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