why mysensors is based on nrf24?

  • hi friends
    nrf isn't good radio . is mysensors just for fun in one room ?
    if we want put a device in box or cover ( especially metal box ) so connection is lost for ever.

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    Metal boxes shields all radio communication (see Faradays cage) regardless of radio used.

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    @Reza An old discussion with many arguments. No matter what radio you use putting it inside a metal box is never a good idea (unless the antenna is sticking out)

  • @hek @AWI thank you for answer . this is true but but generally i think nrf is not a strong radio even with antenna and pa+lna.
    why mysensors is not based on 433 or 315 ? i think if we use low frequency so we will want more distance for connection. i dont use RFM69 because dont support some feature for example raspberry gateway and.... is 433 or 315 Mz is not better for mysensors?
    thank you for answer.

  • @AWI thank you for link. i am reading this , now.

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    For better RF, I am certain the commercial alternatives will work just fine. Obviously, MySensors cannot support commercial systems though.

  • @Anticimex not for commercial . for our building . for functional use in our house . nrf have not a high quality . it can just use for fun , not smart my home... this work good in one room . not all rooms and our building.do you have idea?

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    @Reza How about this?

  • @Anticimex a alternatives for RF radio

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    @Reza no, an alternative to mysensors.

  • @Anticimex
    mysensors and domoticz are a excellent combine. i am very very happy about this .
    we are build every sensors and relay(thanks from mysensors team) ... also some sensor that there is not in brands for example zwave(fibaro , zipato...) and etc... for example sound sensors or gas sensor or soil moisture...
    now i build a 7 multi sensors ( motion , temp , hum , vibration , gas , sound , lux) 🙂 in one device. or relay for doorbell and etc... this is very intresting.
    with domoticz and events and notification , also use other device for example milight and etc. this is more intresting.
    but just problem is "connection" other device for example milight lamp or smart TVs are very good connection with wifi with domoticz. but my sensors ....

  • if there was a long range for connection and minimum lost packet for wall or distance in mysensors so this was very excellent. but ... 😞
    this is my multi sensor 🙂
    but alas that is work just for max 10 meter Unless with some repeater...

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    Oh my..

    May I use one of these pictures on the main site?

  • @hek said in why mysensors is based on nrf24?:

    May I use one of these pictures on the main site?

    sure dear hek 🌺

  • @hek
    i am trying for PCB design . when i do then share better pic.

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    You're not totally right :
    RFM69 can be used with a raspberry pi, you must use a usb (serial) gateway.
    That's what I'm doing, and I've got very good results : My house is made of outside concrete walls; with my gateway in the middle of my house, I can walk outside 60-70 meters before starting to loose some packets.
    And that's only with a dirty cheap 8cm wire antenna. I'm sure that a better antenna (see GPA-Ground Plane Antenna on internet) will allow some meters better...

    Some people are talking about +1Km ranges with propers antenna.

    I didn't go the NRF24 way because I wanted to use sensors outside the house, and without repeaters that wasn't possible.
    PS : I use 868Mhz RFM modules : using 433 could also rise the range.

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    @Reza - I have currently atleast 30+ nodes based on MySensors and Nrf24l01+ and it works fine!


    Its DIY and sometimes I have to debug and change something - but it works so good I have my house alarm motion sensors using Nrf24l01+ radios. I have nodes which I have not touched for 1 year + and still works great. Compared to any commercial system (which I have to pay 10times as much) im so happy about this!

    Sometimes you get bad radios, and you have to debug and try different capacitors - but thats the fun about it! If someoen wants a quick, plug and play sollution - I would not suggest MySensors because thats not what MySensors are about,

  • So far no one has mentioned:

    • MySensors can bridge larger distances by using repeaters.
    • There are high-powered long-range NRF24 radios available. I'm using just one in low-power mode on the gateway, and it's already covering my entire house.

  • Why based on nrf24? I came to the party late, but started with RFM69/433 - you are not bound to 2.4ghz in any way, it's just what people used to start with.

  • hi all friends . thank you for answer .
    i mean about this , i think the combine mysensors network and domoticz controller is the best home automation . even better than fibaro , vera and etc...
    In addition to the "cheap cost" reason , we are build every thing which we like. build sensors and devices that is not in brands for example my multi sensors. i can increase or decrease my multi sensor with every sensors in one node and one device.... for example i want have a gas and motion in one room and have gas and motion and temp/hum in other room...
    these is excellent feature that there is not in home automation brands...

    so i mean that is with this excellent features , with many trying from mysensors team(for design mysensors core) and members, why there is some weak in connection between !? i dont told nrf is bad ( i use this in my network several model but just a expensive model is work well for me and this is worthy for mysensors library 🙂 other model work a few distance ) but with this excellent library and this excellent idea, nrf is not excellent choise .

    why base of mysensors is not Mhz frequency (315 , 433) ? for report sensors or send command to relay and ack... are we need to Ghz frequency ?
    i dont use RFM69 until now , but if RFM is better than nrf why mysensors is based on nrf? with RFM we are broader scope? with wall and more distance? RFM have repeater feature?and other feature?

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