Wireless collisions

  • I'm curious what people have seen as far as interference between sensors during communication. I'm looking at using 433MHz for my communication frequency and know that there are several types of devices that work in this range. I'm curious if people who have multiple devices find that there is an issue with collisions of transmissions resulting in missed signals? I'm envisioning a network of several temperature, humidity, light, power, wind, etc sensors being located around the house and all transmitting back to a receiver to add the information to a database. Even though these modules wouldn't need very long to transmit their data, I could see the potential that they might line up transmission times such that nothing can be received by the receiver.

    Is this something that is a practical issue or is it such a rare occurrence that it it's a non-issue resolved by resending data with multiple copies? I haven't invested much into hardware yet and would like to know that I am starting down the path of a workable network rather than find out $$$ down the road that the path is unworkable.