Mysensors 1.5 and NRF24L01 without +

  • OS: Windows 7 64bit
    Arduino IDE: 1.6.7
    MySensors: 1.5 (transfer set to 1MBPS)
    Arduino: Nano CH340
    Radio: NRF24L01 (without +)
    Ethernet IF: W5100 (red) (softspi set in myconfig)

    i have Problems with my nrf24l01 without the plus, because i can't get it to work and new Radio's with plus are ordered but take about 3 weeks until they arrive.

    I have seen some ideas here in the Forum to set the Datarate to 1MBPS but i get "radio init fail" error.
    I tried an extarnal power supply but there is no change.

    Is there Someone who can help me with my bad nrf24l01 without +?


  • Admin

    Setting speed to 1Mbps and removing the "sanity check" here should work:

  • Hi Hek,
    that is a great solution, thanks, the gateway is starting without problems (Serial Monitor).

    I have the problem, that the W5100 is not working correctly. I have two of them with the 5v input. The Modules in the mysensors Shop are the same as mine (red PCB).

    They are blinking on tx and link, but i cant get them working with my FritzBox Router. I have added the IP from the Script ( and the MAC byte TCP_MAC[] = { 0x00, 0x24, 0x8D, 0x3E, 0x29, 0x1C }; 00:24:8D:3E:29:1C but it isn't working 😞

    Any Solutions?


  • Mod

    how did you choose that mac address? It is for a Sony product. The mac address needs t be unique in your local network. The ip address also needs to be unique and it needs to be in the same range as your local network.

  • Yes its for an Sony Product, because i tested around a bit. The IP is unique and the mac was also tested with DE:AD:BE:EF:FE:ED with no results 😞

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