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  • Hello everyone, I am pretty new to this arduino and home automation thing. i have managed to get home assistant to work on a thin client with a few integrations including the mysensors one. i am using an arduino uno ethernet gateway with NRF24L01 radios. They are working great for the few temp sensors and relays i have going. i have gotten them all to work basically by just following the mysensors pages. My question is has anyone gotten a SHT30 temp humid sensor to work using an arduino and this setup. i would like to put this sensor outside as a permanent sensor.

  • Hello,

    I have not used SHT30 yet, but as an I2C device it should not be a problem to wire it.

    On Arduino UNO: SDA is A4 and SCL is A5.

    I2C is not designed for "long wires" (not sure maybe <1m), you may have to put your Arduino near your SHT30.

    The ethernet module and NRF24L01 use SPI bus, did you succeed to make them both working on the same Arduino ?

  • I have everything wired to one arduino nano right now. Using the arduino code on the arduino site for SHT30 the sensor works just fine. Unfortunately I have been getting totally lost in the code so i was hoping that someone might have done this already or have a good start for me. πŸ™‚ All of the sensors i have going have been using the the code already on the mysensors site with the minor changes needed for my network. The physical wiring, sensor construction, and RF concepts are the easy part for me.

  • @yoshi824 Most of us have been where you are now!

    I suggest that you try to see the patterns in the code that you have working and try to make the SHT30 work from what you learn.

    If it does not work as you want then post here the full code you have and what it is/isn't doing and you should get some help.

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