Long range radios not compatible?

  • Hi there!,

    I just ordered a couple of long range radios (sold as "2sets/lot Special promotions 1100-meter long-distance NRF24L01+PA+LNA wireless modules (with antenna)" in AliExpress). They are labelled YJ-15008+PA and supposedly are pin to pin compatible with the standard NRF24L01+ we all use around here.

    The problem I'm experiencing is that just swapping one of these modules for my old radio module at the gateway works only for receiving from the sensors, but I cannot transmit any commands. Everytime I send a command I get a "fail" status in the log, and it works OK again if I switch back to the old radio module.

    Do I have to do anything extra to get transmission working with these modules?


  • Admin

    The long range radios require much more power. You probably have to feed them separately.

  • Thanks for the tip!. It looks like a USB powered Arduino Nano cannot handle the long range radios power requirements. I powered the radio module independently and I can send commands succesfully again!
    The range has not improved, though, but that's another matter...

    Thanks !

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