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    I'd like to have a box for in wall PCBs with exposed AC circuitry, due to safety concerns. Since space is very restricted I've started on a custom box design for 3d printing. If you have seen commercial samples that fit the criteria, feel free to add links/images here. Also if you want to add your own custom designs, please contribute.

    My design goals:
    Should fit inside a Swedish standard wall box behind the (lamp) switch. Diameter < 65 mm, depth < 30 mm.
    Should hold pcb project by @sundberg84 :

    Other in-wall-pcb box projects:

    My first WIP design attempt (I'm new to CAD design):



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    I am trying to make my own inwall device too 😉 by deriving some of my boards...Did you see this link (the 2nd project on this link). This guy did an interesting job (I am mostly interested by the footprint):
    I think it's a good start for size/dimensions of inwall box/pcb and what we can do (in my case I can't have a so big box like yours because of screws hole for fixing the switch in the inwallbox...not sure if I am explaining right with bad english, lol, but I need the same size as in this link.

    So i am changing his board, to integrate some features I need. And you are right it's better to have an insulating box. So I am doing it regarding these size constraints...and I will use "flame retardant" filament with my 3d printer (still building it, a smartcore alu ;))

    I will follow @sundberg84 project, and yours 🙂

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    Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen it. I like the video about the flame retardant filament, also.

    I've been following your roller shutter project:

    I'd like to use that for on-wall-pcb with AC/DC. Will you be re-using some of the parts in the BOM for that project in your in-wall-pcb project?

    I like when there is 1-2 standard parts for each feature that can be re-used for multiple projects. I think the community should try to always have that in mind when designing new pcb projects. The mysensors store is great, but I also think it needs expanding now that so many pcb projects are taking fruit, using parts out of the store. SMD parts are, e.g. totally absent. Sorry for taking my thread off topic.

    I'd like to list all the alternatives for in-wall-pcb boxes in my top post. Hope it's ok if I link to your thread when you create it.

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    @martinhjelmare: yep, I like the vid too. it's funny to see all these new materials. 🙂

    you are right, I will use parts of rollershutternode I think, for the ac powered version. for the batt powered, I will use my "camel" sensor board plus others thing of others boards I made.

    I totally agree with you. When I do something I try to keep things reusable. As I am originally software dev, I always think factorizing, libs like a But I think electronician do the same.

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