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  • how convert a relay 2 channel to roller shutter ?!
    in site , there is not a sketch.
    please put a sketch for roller shutter

  • Both sketch not working giving me "error: 'saveState' was not declared in this scope

      saveState(CHILD_ID, state);"

  • How can I edit the sketch to make this work with a double (multiple) relay board instead of a single?

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    Have you tried reading the code?

  • @hek yes. I changed the line for the number of relays but it didn't work. I don't know anything about the code.

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    Stating "It didn't work" doesn't give enough information for anyone to help you.

    What have you tried? What steps did you go through to determine that it doesn't work?

  • greetings, i have an idea to use a 12volt fan to move some air from one room to the room next to it (the first room has a stove for heating).
    and i was thinking a relay would do the trick so i dont manually have to start it (and a nice script in domoticz that uses the data from the temp sensor + the ability to manually turn it on/off in domoticz).
    now to my question: which relay should i get?
    I looked at the ones in the store but it seems they are either for 230VAC or 5VDC

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    The control signal is 5VCD... The "other side" can be anything (up to 230VCD).

  • Can you show converted sketch with 2 buttons and 2 relays ? I dont know how convert this sketch bersion with buttons...

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    @pepson Have a look at this thread for some ideas to get you started.

  • I would like to ask about ack. Does the library have a specific timeout? Does the library resends the message when ack is not received? Thank you.

  • Cam I use an arduino pro mini 3.3V 8 Mhz to trigger the relay - or do I need a 5v arduino?

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    @Puneit-Thukral - it depends on the relay.
    If you read the datasheet for intended relay you will see what is needed. Most relays i have seen requiers 5v and a good current (which Arduino sometimes fail to deliver).

  • @sundberg84 I used a 3904 transistor between the relay and arduino and it works just fine with 3.3 V Arduino pro mini 8 HMz.
    (2N2222 also works, but I have many pieces of 3904 and just a few 2N2222, hence using 3904)

  • I have my gateway and my relay, I believe is working fine, I just want to know what set of caracters do I need to send in the serial monitor to turn on the relay? I will like to use the info in order to use a controller like Vantage or C4, is that possible? Regards

  • @Javier-Rubio I m not an expert- a complete novice.
    I would suggest one of the following - trigger the relay through a controller or use one the the arduino relay example sketch in which relay is programmed to turn on and off every 1 second. This would help you validate if your wiring is correct or not.

  • I tried the relay sketch on my arduino mini pro (5v), step down converter for the NRF module and a two channel relay. It's conecte to a Raspi GW wirh the 2.0.0 beta and FHEM as controller. The switching works as expexted. but the relay switches continuisly on and off on its own after a certain time. I tried removing the loop-block but with no effort. Is there anything i can do to get a stable state? Thanks

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    @Gizmoh sounds like the relays are not receiving enough power to remain on. How are you powering all this?

  • @korttoma
    I'm powering this with 6 x AA Batteries into the RAW Input from the Arduino and the 5v output from Arduino to the Relay.

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