My first working Switch with Battery and Temperature ..

  • Hi all.

    I make my first project (thanks to all for help) Switch , with battery and temperature monitoring..

    here is my node PCB :

    and here is schematic :

    and project :

    This project use two button INT0 and INT1 . if change state then send packet with ACK request .
    if no ACK received then generate sound .. from piezoelectric generator .
    Battery is in volate *10 - if received value is for example 28 it s 2.8V .

    now working good .. power consumption is 7uA .

    PS> I need help with pin change interupt .. I now use two button only .. but want support 4x button.. then need litle help how to use it ..


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    @dzairo: Nice piece of work and looking at the schematics with enough attention to decoupling and powering the device!

    power consumption is 7uA .

    I assume that is sleep current. Do you know anything about the average consumption over say one hour?

    but want support 4x button.. then need litle help how to use it ..

    I think I can not directly help you with this but it would be good to know to which pins the buttons are connected, that is not readable from the schematics above.

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    Nick Gammon did an example of four pins 'sharing' one interrupt pin. Perhaps this will be workable for you.

    It may be tough to squeeze the 4 diodes onto your board, though!

  • I know how to do it by diode.. but I want by interrupt only.. I do it my self..

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    there is a nice PinChangeInterrupt library that you may want to look at.

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