💬 In Wall AC/DC Pcb (with Relay) for MySensors (SMD)

  • Hi @sundberg84 Like this project. Looking forward to see the further developement and the design files! Keep up the good work :-)

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    Looks lovely!

  • reat looking project! Are the packages and silk screen for the two fuses custom? I'm terrible at creating eagle, parts, was wondering where you got them from. Thanks!

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    @AdamAnt - I have created the myself i think.
    Silkscreenm do you mean the name? "Fuse". If you change the name on the component it will change.

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    Hi, it's a great project !! how can i make this PCB ? Do you know a site url to make this ?

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    @tonnerre33 - im a couple of days from recieving the board (second try). I will asemble it with instructions and release the files.

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    I received my boards today. Away for a week but will assemble, test and release files asap.


  • Looks really promising!!
    This is exactly what I lookin for.
    The safety concerns in this project is right on target!

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    I have a small update so you know this isn't dead. Still much irl to do and cant find enough time at the moment but... the 5v side with the Mysensors time aware sketch works great.


    Some small changes was made to the schematics but nothing major. Next upp is 240v av side that needshe to be tested and then the relay.

  • @sundberg84 yes, irl can be tough 😊
    I'll be watching your project, keep up!

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    Everything is moving along slowly... :)

    Today i tested the relay function, the AC - DC (HLK) and if everything fitted inside the 3d box.

    Found some issues with the relay... it opens ok, but I cant close it again so the relay remains open... I need to figure out (or ask) if there is something wrong with my schematics or if the relay I used was bad.

    Also I have to add some mm on the 3dbox in the holes for the relay and HLK.


    I have uploaded some images and the eaglesfiles - but I would not recommend to create any pcbs yet - im not satisfied with the result and things will change on the layout and other.

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    Updated the 3dbox with some variants...
    From left...
    Box with access to MysX Connector
    Box wthout any access to inside (except AC screw terminal)
    Box with hole for a g3mc-202 relay and no other access.

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    I hope to add a stl 3d viewer soon.. starting to get a grip on three.js :).

  • Hello. Please write size of the device in the box.

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    @vladimir The PCB is 50x36 cm.

  • @sundberg84 Please tell me, how you can connect a maximum output devices into an outlet controlled by the relay? As I understand it, it will not sustain even the kettle?
    I apologize in advance for the stupid question, I'm not good at electronics.

  • @vladimir , you are correct, in that you can only connect a load that is less than the rating of the relay's, or you can cause damage. Realistically what you would do is use this unit for lighting where the load required can be calculated and won't really change, or if you were using it for a switch, you would need to have some kind of labelling noting that it was only for a maxmium xxxW output.

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    @vladimir - yep, and for protection there is a fuse.
    Maximum for the G3MC-202PL is 2 A at 100 to 240 VAC

  • Cool design! Could you post the dimensions including box and relay?
    I understand one can update firmware through the MYSX connector?

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