What did you build today (Pictures) ?

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    I think we need a thread (and it would be fun) where old and new users can post a picture with a small text with "look what I did today". Its a steal from another forum i watch but its a really fun thread to follow like-minded people in their daily work.

    The rules are simple - keep it simple with one picture (or a few) with a small text including a small explanation. If you want to comment on a particular post please create a new thread ("Reply as topic") or keep it really short. The idea is to get a flow with pictures. It does absolutely not needs to be a finished project - it can be a sketch of an idea or a process of something. Anything you can take a picture off from the MySensors / Home automation world.

    I hope this is not violating any forum rules and if it does, please remove - but I think this can be a fun addition to the forum.

    Let me start!
    Today i created a second motion detector based on Slim Node from @m26872. Its a 1mhz bootloader and modified hc-sr501(3.3v "hack"). Its currently "deployed" in my kitchen (replaced the old one) in the spice-rack above the stove... low WAF but high camouflage! Might work πŸ™‚

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    Great idea! I just posted this on a different thread (https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/6961/nrf5-bluetooth-action/1196), but for the sake of helping to kickstart your thread, I'll repost it here:
    It's a fancy PA_LNA nRF52832 module that supports antenna diversity. I'm told that only 100 of them were ever made. I bought it from Aliexpress, and, of course, it came with no instructions. Anyhow, with some help from @Jokgi, I just now got the PA working on it, and the photo captures the moment. It affords a nice improvement in range/coverage.

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    Great idea! πŸ˜„

    I've continued to work on my MyMo (MySensors Motherboard).


    The board on the right is a Atmega328p / RFM69 based motherboard with the dimensions of the Sensebender gateway. On the left there is a three channel dimmer/switch for 12 V LEDs stacked on a motherboard. In theory (because of the MYSX connector) the board should fit on the sensebender gateway if more horse power is needed. I've not tested that yet.

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    I suspect you all may enjoy the follow-up photo as well: https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/6961/nrf5-bluetooth-action/1198
    alt text
    which shows the transmit power further boosted all the way to 4 watts. This is virtually guaranteed to solve any range/coverage issues you may have, even at 2mbps. πŸ™‚

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    Nice idea. BTW, we need more projects implementing the MySconnector. We could start building our ecosystem like wemos did.

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    Great idea @sundberg84
    This prompted me to finally get started on something that I've put off for far too long, especially considering how little work it was.

    I'm still using dupont wires to connect my radios, despite better solutions such as the easypcb being available. But this quick little trick makes it easier to switch the radio modules.
    Building a NRF24L01+ 8-pin connector for MySensors – 04:46
    — Mikael Falkvidd

    You'll need:

    In the future, I plan to build the other end of the connector for Pro Mini and Rasbperry Pi.

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    Today I had to make a quick debug to my dorrbell node. It stopped working for some reason some weeks ago but the node was fine. It was due to Domoticz update didn't recognise the node anymore. Since it's down I'm going to change from a mechanic trigger to a octocoupler... Any day now.

    I also have a new outdoor node testing for some weeks npw... Maybe tomorrow will be a Mysensors day and I can do the enclosure and deploy.

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    Today I learned how to cut and merge video clips on the command line using ffmpeg (and strip the audio which only contains my breathing), producing this video:
    Building an ESP8266/NodeMCU connector for NRF24L01+ (MySensors) – 04:01
    — Mikael Falkvidd

    I also learned that maybe I shouldn't recond at 50fps using the highest quality codec, because uploading videos take a lot of time.

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    Today's build is a new raspberry pi gateway to assist troubleshooting in this thread. I use the connectors that I created earlier. Great to be able to switch radio module in the connector.

    The binder clips to the left are great for keeping network and power cables in place.

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    Is your use of cables for temporary testing, or is it permanent as far as you're concerned? If the later, I'm surprised you haven't yet found a PCB solution openhardware.io that you prefer.

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    @NeverDie I guess it could be considered permanent by now. I have been using MySensors for more than 2 years and I've never gotten round to using any of the pcbs.

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    @mfalkvidd in fact if nobody is going to touch the area around the raspberry, jumper wires just work fine. I'm waiting for the result on the double radio pcb hat for raspberry.

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    I'm in the mid of building a more complex sensor setup for the chicken coop, where I use dupont cables all over (actually, it's more or less the first sensor that I use them in..) I do not expect to poke around in the wires, after I have mounted it in the chicken coop at some point in time. So I recon it's going to be ok.. (And it will be hot glued into a large weatherproof junction box)

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    Rule #1 from what I've read is to keep connections as short as possible, especially when radio is involved. However, if you're not suffering from using long wires, then, well, I guess why not? If this is a prevailing belief, then maybe it does at least partially explain the remarkably low uptake of openhardware.io projects.

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    I personally use only short dupont wires as they give you some flexibility but without too much "spaghetti" wiring 😁

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    Guys, you are deviating from the OPs thread "rules" πŸ˜‰

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    I guess the thread can evolve the way it does - but in the same time, if there are a interesting ongoing discussion all mods are more than welcome to lift that discussion out for a own thread and if so we can keep this thread as intended?

  • Here is a project I finished this weekend.... 5m LED strip controller (the cover is off for the photo)

    I think you can say I've come quite far since my first ever arduino build... lol

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    Last night i continued improving my Logger (mostly protecting the serial input and make sure it can handle incoming serial logic from everything from 2.5v to 5v into my 3.3v system). I finally bought myself a oscilloscope so now I have the longest list possible of things I want to improve... (EasyPCB series, Booster performance?, some relays... the list goes on).


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    Tonight I changed the mechanic trigger to a optocoupler on my doorbell node. I went with some sort of half good solution.
    8v AC (Doorbell activated) -> Diode (Not a full bridge, just a support capacitor) -> Voltage divider -> optocoupler > D3. Worked out great, but might be one of the ugliest nodes I have πŸ™‚



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