Easy/Newbie PCB for MySensors

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    "Update - please use https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/2740/easy-newbie-pcb-for-mysensors to discuss this PCB"


    I have created my own PCB.
    This is a PCB that only contains the basic functions for MySensors but is somewhat dynamic.
    The main goal was to eliminate the build time soldering wires between the Arduino Pro Mini and the Radio.
    Its a PCB for all newbies that wants to do basic nodes like myself out there... 🙂

    It is a PCB for all that only wants the basic part of MySensors documented in the website!
    This cuts my work with one node from a couple of hours soldering wires to 20-30min

    All info can be found @ https://www.openhardware.io/view/4


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    Really nice, thanks for your contribution to the MySensors project @sundberg84 .

  • Nice this keeps it simple and usable. 😃

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    More options! Nice!

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    I have looked at all the other great PCBs in the forum, but this is the first time I've been tempted to actually order a few 🙂 Great work @sundberg84 !

  • Really nice, just what I was looking for!

    Bra jobbat 🙂

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    I have updated to rev 7.
    Instead of a random assignments of the pinheads its now arranged into MysX 1.4.

    I dont think this will make it less newbie friendly and it will also add the possibility for others to create shields using the MysX connector.
    I hope you like it and thank you @Anticimex for putting up with all the questions...


    Also it has not been tested yet, so if you want 100% please use Rev 6 and let me try this one out first.
    See the first post for the files.

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    Just wanted to comfirm that REV. 7 with the MysX connector works great so I have removed the Rev6 option from first post.


    Offcourse i allready have some ideas for Rev 8... but ill do that later.

    In the meantime please enjoy the rev. history (aka learning curve) 🙂


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    This is what i have been looking for. Nice work @sundberg84 .
    Where is the best site to order this from?

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    Thank you.
    There are many different, Im using Itead.

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    Thanks, then i will look in to it.

  • @sundberg84 Really nice work.

  • I ordered the latest version...
    What is the battery life?

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    @Dylano Depending on what sensor you wish to run and how frequent you want to get data!
    One example: DHT22, sleeping 15min and sending Temp/Hum with a china/ebay booster is about a year.

  • @sundberg84

    Ok thanks for fast response..
    I think i am going to build my whole house with your board, incl Domoticz, i got the best Home automation house of the world 🙂
    Give it a try, i hope i have ordered the good stuff, and i hope i get the boards..

    Is there a latest or best working sketch, include the batterysave option from mysensors, you use?

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    You use any sketch you want. The PCB is just a platform for the arduino and radio and sensor input.
    Then you upload your code to the arduino as usual (see the getting started and build section for code examples.

    To save battery use the sleep function, you find all info in the battery page.
    Good luck!

  • Hi,
    I also chose your PCB as "a base" for my mysensor network expansion. 🙂 Ordered 10 boards via dirtypcb, now it's just the wait that kills me. 😉 Thanks for your effort sundberg84 on designing this PCB, appreciated. 👍

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    @jlehtinen @Dylano - Thank you for the kind words. My reward is to see so many use it and it helps people out.

  • as said, excellent design, should come as an option in the store, so that people can just get started.

    Is there maybe a revision or version where radio is 180 degrees rotated, so that it "covers" the pins on the left (radio antena is looking down)? That way we can have radio on the stands, and after we solder pins then we just plug inn the radio, that would reduce overall footprint while still having all other benefits? I might try to modify the PCB when I find time, but just trowing ideas in the air 🙂

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    Having metal close to the radio antenna will likely mess up the reception. That's why the pcb is designed to have the antenna sticking out.

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