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  • Hey guys, I have a strange problem using excact this scetch and the new 2.0 serial gateway scetch using FHEM.
    I do get KWH values, but no Power values, and sometimes all of a sudden it gives me a power value, like twice a day.
    It didn't do that before and I am a complete copy-pase N00B, so maybe somebody already sovled this issue? HELP

  • Fhem tells me this all the time:
    MYSENSORS: ignoring presentation-msg from unknown radioId 0, childId 255, sensorType 18

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    There is another thread with exactly this problem here:


    I guess you also have the sensor connected directly to the gateway? You should probably seek some more info in the FHEM community.

  • I built this node but it doesn't seem to work. It shows up in the hardware list of my controller (Domoticz latest stable) as S_Power but no values appear like I was expecting V_WATT, V_KWH etc. Nothing appears under the devices section. Does the sketch need modifying for 2.0 or is it a Domoticz issue? Anybody else got one of these working?

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    @mikeS has the sensor sent any values? Domotics does not show anything until the first value has been sent.
    Could you post the log from the sensor and the gateway?

  • Sorry please disregard, I got it working, the pot just needed trimming down, it was permanently triggered so not reading pulses. It worked straight away as soon as I did that. I thought the green light on the lm393 was a power indicator as it was always on, not pulsing.

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    @mikeS great work, thanks for reporting back

  • Like all the nodes and the project in general, it's amazing, but in the space of 24hrs I have turned into a "turn everything off" sort of a guy. I cringed when I suddenly had a log of how much money I was wasting! One thing that's weird is that Domoticz shows 2 devices; usage and meter, the usage one doesn't update at all, but the meter one displays everything you need anyway. It's a bit like the DHT node, in that they show as 3 devices TempHum combined which update nicely; and 2x LacrosseTX which update randomly.

  • I do not understand. My boiler is 3KW. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AtuQgBKT8NIPhi4F_I3mPVYW0S9P

  • @Fat-Fly
    I think something is wrong in your code.

    Is the pulse setup correct?

  • Can someone please explain how the sleep mode works?

    My sensor works like a charm when sleep mode is "false" but when changing to "true" i get nothing to the GW

    Exactly the same setup, the only thing I changed is from "false" to "true"

  • @miljume
    Use sleep mode if you have battery for the node.

    Maybe it need lots of Kwh before sending new data. If you don't use sleep mode it will send watt more often.

  • @flopp Yes, that was my intention

    But I wonder how often the sensor send data to the gateway in that mode i.e. how the mechanism works

    I might not have waited long enough but it would be good to know what "long enough" is

  • it need to change 0,02 kWh before sending new value

    see more information here

  • This post is deleted!

  • @flopp Thanks for the link but I still cant get anything in sleep mode

    Now I have waited for over an hour with simulated blinks approx twice/second but so far the device havent reported one single time!

    By the way, does anyone know how to reset the value stored in the GW?

    After some testing the value get's quite high :smiley:

  • Hi. I built this sensor and loaded the example. It appears the sensor registers with my serial gateway and appears in domoticz. The problem is it hasn't updated the value in 24h? Any ideas?

  • @asgardro
    What does the serial output in arduino says?

  • In the end it displays the watt value and then just hangs. I haven't modified the example at all. I am @ work now but will be able to check again later

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