💬 MyQTherm - replace IQTherm heating thermostat

  • Hi, I saw this project today.... It is like I wrote it myself. I also have IQTherm on my radiators and it was also my goal to replace them with something. I started thinking about it and experimenting with the triac a year ago, but I had to shift focus to something completely different and my project became dormant. Now I am about to start it up again.
    How far have you come with your project?
    My initial thought was to turn the triac into a mysensor enabled relay and have the temperature sensor in a separate module and let them communicate over the mysensor network.
    The triac is as you say 240/400 Volt and quite limited space. I tried to squeeze in a arduino but ofcourse it cannot fit safely. I started drawing a smaller pcb that would custom fit the triac, but I ran into some problems and the I had to stop the project... My thought was to control the optocoupler chip from the arduino and take the power from the dirty 12VDC available in the triac.
    Please share your thoughts if you have gotten any further /Magnus

  • @magnus-pernemark Hello Magnus! Sorry, I did not see your comment until just now. I did pause my project for nearly a year. But now I'm am taking it up again.
    I had some PCBs manufactured and now I'm testing them. I will soon update with pictures and more info.
    Currently one node is connected to the triac in a room and controlling the heating. It is actually working! The next step is to put the node in a case and make a cable with a DS18B temp sensor in one end. I will attach the node to the outside of the triac (TR/P) and place the temperature probe at a distance from the radiator.
    The sketch I have now is reporting the temperature, % power, error status to the gateway. I use Domoticz as controller to present the data and to set the temperature in the room.
    It would be nice to exchange ideas with you concerning replacing IQTherm.

  • @kontrollable Wow.. the lead times in this conversation.. I saw your answer now. I had about a million other projects going on and havn't taken on mysensors yet. I had some problems with the radio and was about to switch to rfm69, but never got around to it.
    Now I started thinking about it again. But, I actually am thinking somewhat in the line of discontinuing mysensors network. It is to much, hacks and tricks, and I forget everything in between sessions. In all the years I have not yet one single mysensors device running. I would love to see more of your set up, maybe it could sway me to try it for the radiator relay setup.

  • @magpern said in 💬 MyQTherm - replace IQTherm heating thermostat:

    I actually am thinking somewhat in the line of discontinuing mysensors network. It is to much, hacks and tricks, and I forget everything in between sessions.

    I gave up more than once, also over period of years. Recently I came back again and decided to focus on the heart of the issue, getting my radios working and once you get over that, it starts to get fun again.

    I can respect if you already moved on to something else. I even cheated on MySensors and installed some 433 mhz devices too 😄 , just to get something working. You have to keep your interest in HA alive in the meantime. But the reward is great when you get MySensors working.

    There are "easier" solutions like Tasmota, 433mhz, etc. but not as customizable as MySensors. MySensors is for when you outgrow those other solutions and need something more custom.

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