💬 MyQTherm - replace IQTherm heating thermostat

  • Hi, I saw this project today.... It is like I wrote it myself. I also have IQTherm on my radiators and it was also my goal to replace them with something. I started thinking about it and experimenting with the triac a year ago, but I had to shift focus to something completely different and my project became dormant. Now I am about to start it up again.
    How far have you come with your project?
    My initial thought was to turn the triac into a mysensor enabled relay and have the temperature sensor in a separate module and let them communicate over the mysensor network.
    The triac is as you say 240/400 Volt and quite limited space. I tried to squeeze in a arduino but ofcourse it cannot fit safely. I started drawing a smaller pcb that would custom fit the triac, but I ran into some problems and the I had to stop the project... My thought was to control the optocoupler chip from the arduino and take the power from the dirty 12VDC available in the triac.
    Please share your thoughts if you have gotten any further /Magnus





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