MySensors 2.0.0 Released

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    πŸ“£ We are happy to announce a major release of the MySensors library to 2.0.0!
    For details, see here.
    Doxygen links on the master github frontpage are not working. These are the correct links:
    master development

  • Thank a lot for all the work made by all contributors.

  • Hardware Contributor

    congrats and thx a lot, you rock πŸ‘

  • Seriously major work on this release, just in time for me to start up my sensor project again. Thank you!

  • Admin

    Awesome! A very productive BBQ @Hek's indeed πŸ™‚

    Well done. πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

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    Well Done MySensors team!
    Thanks for your efforts! Ive been using the beta for some time now in production and it hasn't missed a beat!.

    Its easier to use ( once you forget the earlier stuff ) and much more reliable!

    So to @Hek and everyone who has contributed to the library and the community, thank you!

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    In the coming days we hope Arduino folks update their library repositories so you all can install the latest mysensors library through their library manager πŸ™‚

  • Is there an overview about what was changed since the latest 1.x version?

    Sorry, did not see the link.

  • Hi, when I'm try to upload the sketch GatewayESP8266 I got the following error:

    In file included from /Users/liorrubin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/MySensors-2.0.0/MySensors.h:299:0,
                     from /var/folders/l0/kxrb9wmd6rj651nw4gld5nx00000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_982538/GatewayESP8266.ino:137:
    /Users/liorrubin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/MySensors-2.0.0/core/MyMainESP8266.cpp:4:10: error: #include expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>
     #include β€œSchedule.h”
    In file included from /Users/liorrubin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/MySensors-2.0.0/MySensors.h:299:0,
                     from /var/folders/l0/kxrb9wmd6rj651nw4gld5nx00000gn/T/arduino_modified_sketch_982538/GatewayESP8266.ino:137:
    /Users/liorrubin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/MySensors-2.0.0/core/MyMainESP8266.cpp:13:26: fatal error: core_version.h: No such file or directory
     #include <core_version.h>
    compilation terminated.
    exit status 1
    Error compiling for board NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module).

    Even when i try to comment the "Include Schedule.h" then i got an error about the "core_version.h" file.

    anyone ?

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    Wow, that is great news, like christmas in June πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŽ
    Thank you to all the team for all the hard work, MySensors is evolving at a whole new level now, the changelog speaks for itself !
    I hope I will improve my level fast enough to be able to contribute to one of the future versions, but it feels a bit out of touch for me at the moment πŸ˜„

  • Admin

    @Lior-Rubin Update esp8266 boards to the most recent version (2.3.0)

  • Plugin Developer

    This is great news!
    Thank you for all the work.

  • Thanks MySensors team. Can't wait to see what 2.0 will bring!

  • I've just tried it and it look really great!

    When is the documentation comming? I'm having some trouble understanding the errors i get in the log. It says: !TSM:CHKID:FAIL (ID=255)

    Anyone has an idea?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Great work, thank you!

  • Thank you to all contributors for this fine piece of software!


  • Admin

    @nielsokker documentation about the log messages is WIP and will follow soon.

    In brief:
    TSM refers to the transport state machine, (!) to an error.
    Your error !TSM:CHKID:FAIL indicates that the node didn't receive a (valid) ID, hence !TSM:FAILURE (transport not operational) followed by TSM:PDT which means that the radio was powered-down for a while followed by a re-initialisation.

  • BOOM! Well done guys πŸ˜ƒ

  • MySensors Evangelist

    excellent. let me try to find the updates and see what advantages are in it for me.
    great job guys.

  • I have been using rf24 radios before mysensors, and back then everything didn't worked so good as with mysensors.

    Awesome work, I think it's time for a donation at least for some 🍻 for holidays for developers. They deserve it.


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