💬 Smart Alarm Clock

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    Cool project!

  • @hek

    I've been stalking the forum and asking beginner questions for at least a year now... I've learned so much and am so grateful for everyone's help... Now I've finally got a project close to completion, so I thought it was about time to try and give back :)

    Plus by sharing, the super smart forum members like yourself will probably tell me where I messed and could have done better... lol

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    We don't have anything similar in build pages on the main site. I'll add your project there as well.

    You have a long list of features, will be interesting to follow!

  • @hek

    I've got a bunch of other things I want to add to it...

    I'm really excited about adding @petewill 's Bed-Occupancy-Sensor... I've got two kids (and I'm planning on building them both a clock)... and they are at my house 50% of the time... so I want the alarms to go off on school days, but only when they are at my house.

    So I plan on using the bed occupancy sensor to cancel the alarm if no one is in the bed.

    On the flip side, if the kid turns off the alarm, but doesn't get out of bed within a set amount of time, I want the alarm to go off again... kinda like a forced snooze.

    I also want to add an SD card and mini amplifier (LM386) so I can play their favorite song as the wake-up music... but I've got to wait for my aliexpress order of the LM386 to arrive (in 30 to 60 days...lol)

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    Haha, evil father ;) The kids will probably outsmart you somehow.

  • @hek

    I welcome the challenge :)

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    Cool project! I may need to build one of these myself. I have so many things on the project list and never enough time :(

  • @petewill

    Don't we all have a list that is too long.

  • Eventually I'm going to make a case/enclosure for it.

    I don't want to make it boring, like a basic alarm clock rectangle.... instead I want to build it into something... kinda like this stereo in a mannequin I found on Pinterest
    alt text

    or like this clock in an NES
    alt text

    Although since it's for kids I'll probably use a toy dinosaur or something

  • I've finally settled on an enclosure design for my first (of 3) clock. This one is for my 10 year old son, I think he's going to love it.

    I originally found this on pintrest....

    fake bomb clock
    Fake bomb clock

    I'm going to use the bomb idea but modify it to fit all my existing design elements.

    I'm currently awaiting some parts from aliexpress and I'm still trying to find materials for the dynamite sticks. Hopefully I'll have everything I need soon so I can start to build it

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    @micah very cool idea. Just don't bring it when you travel by air ;-)

  • Awesome! I like that!

    I have ordered some parts to have a go myself with Nokia 5110 screen and rotary encoder :)

    May i have a look at your .ino file please ? Pretty sure i am not able to start from scratch...

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